Restaurant Team

Bild Andrea Gehrig

Andrea Gehrig

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Bild Antoinette Longariello

Antoinette Longariello

Operations Director
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Bild Peter Müller

Peter Müller

Head Reservations
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Bild Martin Durrer

Martin Durrer

Chef de Service

Bild Beat Ochsner

Beat Ochsner

Executive Chef

Bild Stefan Süess

Stefan Süess

Assistant Executive Chef

Bild Tülay Kahraman

Tülay Kahraman

Head Stadtkeller Artisten Bar

Bild Irene Häfliger

Irene Häfliger

Head Stadtkeller Artisten Bar

Gambrinus Gastronomie AG

Gambrinus Gastronomie AG took over the helm at the Stadtkeller on 1 April 2016 and at the Rathaus Brauerei on 1 October 2016. Driving force: Eckhard Schwöbel. Eckhard Schwöbel studied brewing in Munich. From 1972 to 2001, he headed B. Braun Medical Ltd. in Sempach, Switzerland. He made a name for himself in 1998 when he established the Rathaus Brauerei. And when he bought the Stadtkeller in 2009, he was voted the local radio listeners' favourite personality.

In 2016, Eckhard Schwöbel founded Gambrinus Gastronomie AG with his two daughters, Julia Schwöbel and Anne-Kathrin Schwöbel, and Alois Keiser (CEO).

The credo of Gambrinus Gastronomie AG is: Nurture tradition – with an eye to continuity and quality.

At the Stadtkeller and the Rathaus Brauerei, we give preference to regional suppliers offering Swiss products wherever possible.