Our Swiss Folklore Season is running from end of March to October. During the winter months; rock, pop and jazz concerts take place at the Stadtkeller. The Stadtkeller is the oldest concert restaurant in Lucerne.

Bild Neighborhood

Saturday 14. December 2019


Bild Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Sergio Sardella»

Tuesday 17. December 2019

Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Sergio Sardella»

Bild Colors Of Gospel

Wednesday 18. December 2019

Colors Of Gospel

Bild Kirk’s Patrol

Thursday 19. December 2019

Kirk’s Patrol

Bild The Led Farmers (IRL)

Friday 20. December 2019

The Led Farmers (IRL)

Bild Lake City Stompers

Saturday 21. December 2019

Lake City Stompers

Bild Fondue & Swiss Music

Friday 27. December 2019

Fondue & Swiss Music

Bild Blues in the Shoes

Saturday 28. December 2019

Blues in the Shoes

Bild Willy Tell & Band

Monday 30. December 2019

Willy Tell & Band

sold out
Bild Silvester Night: Radiokings & DJ Michel Richter

Tuesday 31. December 2019

Silvester Night: Radiokings & DJ Michel Richter

Bild Bourbon Street Jazz Band

Friday 3. January 2020

Bourbon Street Jazz Band

Bild BigBand For Fun

Saturday 4. January 2020

BigBand For Fun

Bild Stadtkeller Ländlerabig

Tuesday 7. January 2020

Stadtkeller Ländlerabig

Bild Tanja Dankner «Supernatural Woman»

Wednesday 8. January 2020

Tanja Dankner «Supernatural Woman»

Bild Amacher / Anderhub / Gerber

Thursday 9. January 2020

Amacher / Anderhub / Gerber

Bild René Carlin

Friday 10. January 2020

René Carlin

Bild HotRock

Saturday 11. January 2020


Bild Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Michel Gammenthaler»

Tuesday 14. January 2020

Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Michel Gammenthaler»

Bild Jeanie Johnston

Wednesday 15. January 2020

Jeanie Johnston

Bild Rosewood

Thursday 16. January 2020


Bild Queen Legend

Friday 17. January 2020

Queen Legend

Bild Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Bänz Friedli»

Tuesday 21. January 2020

Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Bänz Friedli»

Bild Sofa

Wednesday 22. January 2020


Bild Jester’s Quest

Thursday 23. January 2020

Jester’s Quest

Bild Just For Fun

Saturday 25. January 2020

Just For Fun

Bild Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Rolf Schmid»

Tuesday 28. January 2020

Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Rolf Schmid»

Bild Trummer

Wednesday 29. January 2020


Bild aBlueser & friends

Thursday 30. January 2020

aBlueser & friends

Bild M. Soul (CAN) – A tribute to Johnny Cash

Friday 31. January 2020

M. Soul (CAN) – A tribute to Johnny Cash

Bild Stadtkeller Ländlerabig

Saturday 1. February 2020

Stadtkeller Ländlerabig

Bild 50’s-Five Rock’n’Roll Showband

Wednesday 5. February 2020

50’s-Five Rock’n’Roll Showband

Bild Talisk (IRL)

Thursday 6. February 2020

Talisk (IRL)

Bild ANKEBOCK & Special Guest «Swinglisch»

Friday 7. February 2020

ANKEBOCK & Special Guest «Swinglisch»

Bild Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Claudio Zuccolini» WARUM?

Tuesday 11. February 2020

Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Claudio Zuccolini» WARUM?

Bild Strawberry Jam

Wednesday 12. February 2020

Strawberry Jam

Bild Adamo

Thursday 13. February 2020


Bild Span

Friday 28. February 2020


Bild Stadtkeller Ländlerabig

Tuesday 3. March 2020

Stadtkeller Ländlerabig

Bild Dominic Schoemaker

Wednesday 4. March 2020

Dominic Schoemaker

Bild Ueli Schmezer`s neue MatterLive

Thursday 5. March 2020

Ueli Schmezer`s neue MatterLive

Bild Crazy Diamond

Friday 6. March 2020

Crazy Diamond

Bild Crazy Diamond

Saturday 7. March 2020

Crazy Diamond

Bild Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Veri»

Tuesday 10. March 2020

Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Veri»

Bild Toni Vescoli & Co

Thursday 12. March 2020

Toni Vescoli & Co

Bild The Stouts

Friday 13. March 2020

The Stouts

Bild Spinning Wheel

Saturday 14. March 2020

Spinning Wheel

Bild Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Bingo Show»

Tuesday 17. March 2020

Stadtkeller Comedy Night «Bingo Show»

Bild Marc Sway Unplugged

Wednesday 18. March 2020

Marc Sway Unplugged

Bild Erica Arnold

Thursday 19. March 2020

Erica Arnold

Bild BBR «Buddies, Beer & Rock’n’Roll»

Friday 20. March 2020

BBR «Buddies, Beer & Rock’n’Roll»

Bild HebDiDe

Saturday 21. March 2020