Stadtkeller Beer 2011
Unfiltered – naturally cloudy. Light with a delicate hop taste, brewed in accordance with the Bavarian Beer Purity Law of 1516.

What a combination: fresh, clear spring water from the Pilatus mountain, 100 % pilsner malt grown in the Bavarian malting barley region (Rhön), finest hops from Southern Baden-Wuerttemberg (Tettnang) and the traditional art of beer brewing, all give our Stadtkeller Beer 2011 its light colour and well balanced hop taste.

Original wort: 11.8 %
Hopping: 4 x
Alcohol: 4.8 vol. %

Stadtkeller 5-Grain Beer Fortissimo
Our bottom-fermented 5-grain beer: including the ingredients barley, wheat, spelt, rye and oats. What a colour! Strong, glowing like amber. Our 5-grain beer is delicate and extra light. Something special: Every now and then, maybe more often, for everyone to enjoy.

Original wort: 12.5 %
Alcohol: 5.2 vol. %

Our Brewmaster Reinhard Knispel
Since 1998, he has brewed the famous Rathaus beer from Lucerne: Brewmaster Reinhard Knispel really knows his trade. And that is why, since 2011, he also brews our Stadtkeller beer. The wort flows underground from the Rathaus directly into the fermenting and storage tanks of the Stadtkeller – and after four weeks maturation, you get it directly from the tap into your glass.

Brewmaster Reinhard Knispel

Reinhard Knispel learnt the art of brewing in a medium-sized brewery on the outskirts of Munich. He polished his expertise in various breweries in Germany and Switzerland during his time as a journeyman. He became a master of his trade at the "Braumeisterschule Doemens" (the famous academy for brewing and beverage technology) in Munich.


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